VAGINITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is an inflammatory state in these areas of the female body, the vagina and the vulva, which are related to pleasure, with the ability to provide and receive sexual pleasure.

When a woman presents any problem in the vagina, she means that she has lived or that she is experiencing a separation conflict, related to her feminine position with respect to her partner.

She means that she does not fully enjoy sexuality or that her partner is sexually pressuring him to do things that are not pleasing to her sexually.

The vagina represents sex life and any problem in it expresses sexual frustration.

In fact, the appearance of these diseases is the perfect excuse in front of ourselves or in front of our partner, for “not being able” to make love or, for “not to have” sex.

The woman with vaginitis has contained emotions such as anger, bitterness or resentment.

She may feel used, manipulated, or sexually unappreciated.

It also expresses a situation of separation to us due to not being in contact with the couple, with the loved one.

The woman is feeling sexually frustrated.

It can also indicate sexual guilt due to beliefs or customs contrary to the enjoyment of sexual pleasure.

In these cases, instead of practicing sex for pure pleasure, she does it only out of obligation or duty, the right to have pleasurable sexual relations is not granted.

Vaginitis can also occur when a woman feels guilty and ashamed for having had an illegitimate sexual relationship.

This guilt, conscious or not, carries a self-imposed punishment “in the place where she has sinned”,

“I must not attract the male”

The inflammation of the vagina can also reflect fear coming from some old, more or less unpleasant experience, related to sexuality.

Vaginal herpes: it manifests when the woman feels guilt and anger regarding her sexual relationship because she is not satisfied.

Or because they are fully satisfactory but they remind me of something painful.

In the same way, it can appear if there is an absence of sexual contact, it could be that he had a partner and we separated.

Or we can be physically separated for some work, social reason, etc., for a certain period of time.

Vaginal itching: shows that something “itches” me in my relationship with my partner,

I may feel separated from the pleasure in sexual contact, or possibly I have a slight feeling of guilt.

In the same way, it can warn me that I am experiencing a forced, forced sexual relationship and I feel manipulated, not valued.

The vagina is linked to my privacy:

If I receive constant intrusion from family members in my house or in my life and I feel invaded, upset, it can cause vaginal problems.

Or maybe my mother-in-law or sister-in-law meddles in my relationship, affairs or criticizes me, etc.,

“I let my partner’s family into my house and they cause me problems”

Vaginal dryness: warns me of guilty sexual intercourse. “I must not attract the male”

Sometimes, it is an unconscious way of wanting to punish the partner.

On the labia major: He tells me about a forced sexual relationship.

The woman feels manipulated and undervalued.

It can also indicate that the woman is forbidden to have sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus: expresses that the woman is afraid of sexuality and penetration.

In many cases, due to memories of abuse in childhood or adolescence.

It can also indicate that the woman does not have the right to perform the sexual act.

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