BRUXISM, emotional and spiritual meaning

Bruxism, also known as the silent disease, is an involuntary habit, usually at night.

It consists of unconsciously clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth, causing their wear.

In this way, we unconsciously release the tensions accumulated during the day.

It can cause headaches, ear, jaw and neck pain and even bites on the lips, walls of the mouth or tongue.

The biological meaning of bruxism is to express repressed anger, an unmanifested aggressiveness, most of the time unconscious.

It is a way of wearing down weapons so as not to fight, so as not to bite. I don’t want to fight because I’m afraid of separation!

Who do I want to fight and can’t?

It can reveal a feeling of inability to defend myself or to express my own ideas.

Affected people have difficulty making decisions or assimilating new ideas or experiences.

And try to delay them for fear of consequences or losing the safety zone in which they find themselves.

Since I can’t make clear and precise decisions, grinding my teeth is the physical expression of my sadness and my suppressed aggressiveness.

In the same way, it can be related to our tendency to deny ourselves pleasure in life:

“I deny myself pleasure”, as if it were forbidden to me.

If none of this happens to me it is necessary to look in my family tree.

Bruxism can have a very direct relationship with what is known as the Ghost or Recumbent Syndrome.

It is as if the dead man spoke in silence at night.

When dramatic situations occur in a family such as suicides, unexpected and unjustified deaths, especially of children, etc. and have been silenced, denied or kept as a secret, the family clan to evolve transmits the unassimilated wound to other members.

“It is harmful that I express myself and say what I think.”

We must search in the clan for some ancestor, with whom we have affinity, who had problems with expression or who was forced to be silent.

The affected person must take action and learn to make decisions consistently and firmly.

If the origin is transgenerational:

Is necessary to carry out postponed mourning, which can go back to the third or fourth generation.

With this symbolic act, the Recumbent will free himself from the inherited unconscious program and will also free future generations of the clan.

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