NOSE BLEED or EPISTAXIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

Nose Bleed or epistaxis: refers to any bleeding originating in the nostrils.

It is advisable to seek a diagnosis from a doctor who assesses the severity of the symptom.

The blood has to do with the family, with the joy that runs through my body, and the nose represents the father and sexuality.

In adolescence it is a pressure regulator system, both blood and sexual.

Thus, a hemorrhage speaks to me of a loss of joy as a result of something I have experienced or am experiencing.

It may be related to a big disappointment I’ve experienced.

I have a need for family recognition, I feel that I am not being recognized, valued or loved for who I am.

“No one loves me”, “Everyone ignores me, no one cares about me in this family”

The bleeding also tells me that I have stopped receiving the support of someone who was very important to me.

At the same time, it reminds me of the lack of support and recognition that I had felt from my father in childhood.

Likewise, it can warn me of a hidden fear of death, after having witnessed the sacrifice of an animal.

Or maybe he is telling me about my anxiety about having to leave my house against my will.

In the same way, it can indicate that I feel guilty about some conflict related to my family.

“I want to leave this family”, “I want someone in the family to leave”.

“I suspect that something stinks or stinks within my family or perhaps, specifically with my father.”

Keep in mind that people who have ailments in the nose tend to have a greater predisposition to “suspicion”.

They spend their time suspecting everything.

If none of the above has happened to me, I have to search my family tree and find out if any ancestor of whom I am a double had suffered an accident to the head and had had hemorrhage problems.

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