CHALAZION, emotional and spiritual meaning

A Chalazion is a lump that forms on the upper or lower eyelid.

It appears as a consequence of an accumulation of fat secretion in the Meibomian glands.

The biological meaning of fat is protection.

Therefore, it warns me of a dirty, ugly visual conflict, from which I need to protect myself.

“There is something that I am seeing, in myself or abroad, that stains me, dirty me”

In the same way, it expresses to me that I have been overconfident with something or someone and it has failed me.

“I blame myself for not having been more alert”

Likewise, it can indicate that I am experiencing an emotional conflict of separation and dishonor at the same time.

Meaning of the laterality of the eyes:

For right-handed people (backwards for left-handed people):

Left eye: “I do not like the image I give”. It is the eye of defense and danger.

Look into the distance (to shoot).

The eye that directs the movement identifies the enemies.

There is something I want to get out of my sight

Right eye: “I don’t like the image I give to others”

This eye represents recognition and affectivity; it is the eye that memorizes and compares faces.

It is related to children, family, friends and our identity.

There is something I would like to bring closer to my sight.

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