VULVODYNIA, emotional meaning

The vulva is the female external genital organ.

It includes the pubic mound (mount of Venus), the inner and outer lips of the vagina, the clitoris, the vaginal opening, and the urethral orifice (through which you urinate).

Vulvodynia: also known as “vulvar burning syndrome”,

It is characterized by the appearance of pain and burning mainly in the labia majora, despite the fact that the external appearance is normal and there are no signs of infection.

Women of any age can be affected.

This condition talks about how the woman lives and feels her sexuality and her relationship with her partner.

The biological sense of this symptom is that of self-protection.

Behind that desire for protection can always be found experiences of anxiety and fear related to sexual practice.

Sometimes, the woman feels her sexuality as something forbidden and does not consider herself worthy of enjoying sexual pleasure.

Therefore, pain in the vulva has the purpose of preventing penetration from taking place and thus avoiding the repetition of traumatic events.

Sometimes, it indicates the anger, rage and frustration that the woman feels towards her partner, for having felt devalued or humiliated in her sexuality.

The unconscious purpose of the pain is to sexually punish her partner, since the spasms that occur in the muscles of the vulva and vagina make intercourse difficult or impossible.

The pain that the woman suffers in the vulva can cause fear of intimate relationships and, thus, end sexual desire.

Therefore, can affect her affective relationship and even put her life as a couple at risk, which later , can lead to feelings of guilt and unconscious desire for self-punishment.

If the woman with vulvodynia does not identify with the above, then she must locate her origin in the transgenerational.

Completely analyzing her family tree and all her doubles looking for stories of rapes or forced relationships by the partner.

In the same way, she must analyze her sense project, to see if it was her mother who suffered similar experiences and programmed her to be vulnerable to this type of experience.

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