LIPS, emotional causes that can affect them

These are each of the outer, fleshy and mobile edges of the mouth.

They are the entrance door of the digestive apparatus and opening of the phonation.

The lips have the function of taking or catching food, the mouthful (real or symbolic), they help elocution, to whistle, to smile, to kiss and protect the teeth.

Therefore, lip problems are related to communication and my way of expressing myself, with what we say or don’t say.

“I say something and they don’t listen to me”, “No one cares what I say”,

“When I say something they don’t listen to me, “It wasn’t important that I spoke”.

Why am I going to speak? Why am I going to make an effort to unstick my lips?

Likewise, they can be affected if I am afraid to say something or to be discovered for something I said, or if I am afraid that something I expressed will be misunderstood.

“It’s hard to express yourself”

“I betrayed with what I said or they betrayed me”,

“I said something wrong, dirty, demeaning, offensive”

In turn, the ailments are also linked to what we catch to eat or do not catch.

Understanding that what we catch can be real or symbolic food (love, kisses, attention, etc.

They can be the consequence of a feeling of helplessness of not being able to catch a “mouthful” (real or symbolic).

“I could not catch that mouthful to eat it”

Or perhaps, they can be affected by having received a dirty kiss, dishonorable or not having received enough kisses or not knowing how to give them.

“I don’t kiss or I didn’t kiss enough”

Lip Biting: When I bite my lips it means that I constantly refrain from saying what I really think.

Only negative words come out of my lips.

In general, people with problems in this part of the body lack confidence in themselves and in their own words.

Upper lip: it is related to authority, with the father. What I don’t let go, I don’t forget, I don’t forgive.

Lower lip: symbolizes the mother, protection and the emotional.

What I don’t digest, I don’t accept, I don’t allow, I don’t tolerate.

Cleft lip: The biological meaning of this symptom is to make the mouth bigger to be able to catch a “mouthful” more easily.

It is a symptom that occurs within the mother’s womb and, therefore, we have to analyze The Sense Project and the family tree.

It is related to “to catch a mouthful or not”.

“I wanted something that I was sure I was going to have and at the last moment they took it out of my mouth”,

“My mouth is not big enough to catch it”.

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