SCAPULA pain, emotional and spiritual meaning

The scapula or shoulder blade is a flat, long, thin, triangular-shaped bone.

With the clavicle, the shoulder blade serves to join the arm with the trunk.

When there are problems they always talk to me about a self-devaluation conflict or one caused by someone else.

In some way, I may feel crushed, humiliated, or stepped on by authority.

If I have any ailment in my shoulder blades, it indicates that I am experiencing a devaluation conflict related to “flying”, with achieving freedom and taking responsibility for my life.

Somehow I do not have the security and confidence to fly or, perhaps, someone or something prevents me.

It hurts me to feel limited by my own burdens or those that others have placed on me.

I feel like I can’t do what I want because I have so many responsibilities on my shoulders.

“I feel distressed, my parents prevent me from leaving the house and from flying, from facing my life”,

“They are preventing me from flying with my own wings”,

“I would like to learn languages ​​to go abroad but I am not capable”, “I don’t have the courage to go live alone”,

“My parents don’t trust me”.

Laterality for a right-handed person, (for a left-handed person, it is the opposite).

If my right shoulder blade is affected, it warns me of a personal, professional or affective devaluation (not considering myself a good partner).

If it is about the left, it tells me about devaluation in the function as a father or as a mother. I feel able?

Am I really a good father or mother?

I free myself from everything that limits me. I’m here to be free

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