HEEL pain, emotional and spiritual meaning

The heel is the rear end of the foot, where a large part of the weight of the body rests when standing and on which we lean to walk.

It is the part where one lands; when we walk it is the first thing that touches the ground, and then comes the rest of the foot.

Being attached to the ankle, it has a link with the movement and the direction to go forward.

As it is a bone, any symptom in the heel comes from a great devaluation or lack of self-esteem, prior to the ailment.

The person whose heel hurts wants to “take the first step”, move forward and go towards their goals.

But they have doubts and do not dare.

He is the type who likes to have someone’s consent or permission before acting.

“I wanted to leave but I couldn’t”, “I have no right to leave”, “I don’t know whether to go or stay put.”

“I have no support to go where I want”

The lack of support can be related to work, the partner, the mother, the children, the economy, etc.

“I want to change jobs, cities, etc., but my partner does not support me”

Do I feel that I am carrying too much weight and do I lack someone’s support?

What will become of me in the future without the support of…”

Will I be able to bear this weight without the support of…?

If I hit my heel, it indicates that I feel guilty for having gone in one direction.

For having made a movement without having had someone’s support or approval.

When the skin on the heels is affected, it reflects the fear and sadness of being judged if I make a mistake in the decisions I make.

If it hurts or bothers me when I walk, it’s because I’m afraid to move in a direction, without someone’s support.

Likewise, it can hurt me if I am forced to “stop dead” in an issue, project, relationship, etc.

It can also indicate a feeling of isolation, of disconnection with others or with life itself.

It must be taken into account that pain always appears after having resolved, consciously or unconsciously, the conflict of lack of support.

What step was I going to take, but held back because I thought I needed someone’s support or approval?

Who do I think should approve or give me the go-ahead to be able to do something I want?

What could happen to me if someone does not support me on my way?

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Joman Romero

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