MAMMARY GLAND, emotional and spiritual meaning


The biological meaning of the mammary gland is to nourish.

Its main function is the production and secretion of milk for lactation.

The problems that affect this organ are linked to the drama or dispute in the nest, with a connotation of danger and concern for the integrity of all those whom the woman feels an absolute need to protect. “I want to give of myself.”

It may be related to a great concern for the insecurity of a son or a member of the group that she considers as such (nephew, pet, partner, etc., because of what happens to him or what he does.

In the same way, it can also affect her breast if she is afraid for the integrity of the nest.

That is, if she fears that the “nest” (house) will fall or collapse due to fights between family members. Or, perhaps, she is worried about not being able to have or build a nest.

Likewise, the woman can affect this part of her body if she feels guilty for not fulfilling her function of protecting her offspring.

Among the most frequent symptoms that affect the gland are adenofibroma and adenocarcinoma or lobular adenoid carcinoma.

If the tumor grows, you will notice that a nodule is formed.

And if the conflict has already been resolved, you will perceive that there is a withdrawal in the same place and you even wake up at night drenched in sweat with the inflamed area.

Among the women prone to develop any of these symptoms is the self-sacrificing, devoted mother, who gives everything for others and does not think of herself.

“I am only a mother”, “I forgot about myself”.

Or those who feel like a bad mother when her children are not as she expects.

Or those who absolutely need everything to be fine in her environment.

Biological laterality is applied to the breasts, which implies that there is a general conflict and a specific variation depending on where the tumor is and whether the woman is right-handed or left-handed.

In a right-handed woman:

Left breast: filial maternal side, the son, the mother, the “strict” nest, a pet or a being that is perceived as a son.

“My son needs me, I have to feed and protect him”, “I can’t feed my baby”,

“I need my mother”

Right breast: partner’s side. It’s related to the collaterals (partner, brothers, cousins, etc.) and the father.

“I don’t feel nourished (affection, support, affection) by my partner”,

I need to give more of myself, I’m not giving enough”

In a left-handed woman:

Right breast: “My son prevents me from fulfilling myself”, “I don’t feel fed by the family”

Left breast, “My partner is in danger and I don’t know what to do”,

“I don’t want to or can’t feed my partner”,

“I feel separated from my father”, “My father can’t protect me”.

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