TENDONS, emotional and spiritual meaning


The tendons have the function of joining the muscle to the bone and thus transmit the force of the muscular contraction to produce the movement.

If I have discomfort in a tendon, it indicates that I am experiencing a situation of devaluation related to a movement that I must perform at that moment, that is, it is an action that I am performing now.

“My action is considered worthless”

Likewise, it can warn me of small disrespect towards myself.

For example, in the sports field, for not having achieved a specific mark.

You can also talk to me about attachments or family ties, referring especially to someone with whom I feel very close.

“Whatever I do, I won’t get it”, “My action is deemed worthless”

Tendinitis: it tells us about the inflammation of a tendon.

Whenever an inflammation occurs, it is the repair phase of an emotional conflict of devaluation related to a movement that I am doing, in the present.

In the same way, since the tendons serve to unite two parts, any problem can indicate that I have difficulties in relation to the union between two parts, two values, or two directions that lead me towards a specific project.

“Whatever I do, I won’t get it.” “I need something to hold on to.”

If a tendon ruptures, it means that something has broken in a relationship.

It is important to take into account the meaning of the part of the body where the tendon is located.

Lax tendons: they give me a notion of collapse, sinking.

“I’m sunk, I can’t go on.”

Epitrochleitis: expresses to me that I have difficulties to hug.

Right epicondylitis: “I have to and I don’t feel like it”, “It’s my obligation but I don’t want to do it”

Left epicondylitis: “I want to do, obtain, achieve something and they prevent me”

Elbow: He tells me about a devaluation linked to work. “I don’t feel supported in my work”

Shoulder tendinitis: it is related to conflicts where I devalue myself for having too many responsibilities, wanting to protect someone and not being able or ‘not feeling supported’.

On the wrist: it means that I devalue myself in relation to the gesture that I am making.

There’s something I’m doing that I don’t want to do.

If it occurs on the heel: it is related to conflicts in which I devalue myself because I do not feel supported and I cannot or do not want to go in one direction.

Bilateral hip tendinitis: informs me of oppositional conflict and sexual frustration.

When it affects the joint capsule, it will have a notion of protection.

If it concerns the ligaments, it refers to a concern for the future.

When it is located in the muscles, it tells us about a conflict of impotence.

Achilles tendon: It is a tendon in the back of the leg. It allows the impulse of the body.

If discomfort arises, it indicates that we have difficulties to carry out an impulse (real or symbolic) in the present.

I am considering a leap, a change, I am surely already immersed in it.

It may escape me, but there I have that important change that I dare not face for fear of what I will find or for leaving what I know.

“I don’t feel capable of taking the leap”, “I’m afraid of leaving my parents’ house”,

“I don’t have the courage to commit or get married”,

“The responsibility of being a father scares me”, “I’m afraid of changing jobs”.

It is essential to trust myself and my abilities and fight for what I want in life.

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  1. Unknown

    love this! it is exactly what I meeded to hear. Thank you

  2. Anonymous

    I have tendonitis in my knee that started last year, and it was because (well after reading this), of a situation involving a girl who I really wanted at the time but felt like I wasn't worthy of her. It's been a long time since and I have found my self worth within myself, but the inflammation persists. Today it acted up and im here again trying to figure out why it has, even though it's been a couple of months since I've learned the lesson of trying to find love in somebody other than myself.

  3. Luciana Middleton


  4. Linda

    That’s interesting because I have developed tendinitis in my elbows. Now reason tells me it’s because I do a job that requires a lot of mopping as a cleaner. And sweeping. But it’s interesting because even though I quite enjoy the job for my own reasons, I have a boss who never ever compliments my work no matter how much extra effort I go to because I’m quite OCD about doing that job properly. But she will often come at me from left-field and yell at me for something that I apparently haven’t done while not being able to see the effort I have put in.