GREY HAIR, emotional and spiritual meaning

Gray hair is the symbol of maturity and detachment.

They appear after the effort to integrate these two concepts or values. It’s a sign that I no longer need the approval of others that I don’t need to pretend to anyone.

That is, when I become a wise person.

They mean that we have gained a lot of learning experience and that although there may have been a lot of suffering, we have learned valuable lessons.

If I have gray hair, but my hair also falls out: I am living a conflict in which I feel that I am losing my peace, my wisdom, my abilities.

For example: “Something or someone altered me and I did not know how to contain myself”

If I have gray hair and I lose hair on the crown:

They express my rejection of other ways of thinking, other beliefs, ideologies, etc. “There is only my truth”

If I have gray hair and I lose my hair on the sides: it means that I have lived with a grudge and that I have not yet forgiven someone.

Lack of intellectual recognition from my father:

I need my intelligence to be recognized by my father.

Or “me as a father”:

I need more intelligence or wisdom to play the role of father.

“I’m not smart or wise enough to be a parent”,

“I do not feel recognized enough intellectually”,

“I am separated from knowledge”

If gray hair appears when I am young, I must find out if any ancestor, with whom I have an affinity, has lived through any of the aforementioned experiences and, perhaps, it is a question of family reparation or loyalty.

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