DARK CIRCLES under eyes, emotional and spiritual meaning

Dark circles are bluish, grayish or purple colorations that appear under the lower eyelids of the eyes.

They are normally caused by fatigue and stress and should disappear naturally when we are rested.

What is the emotional cause when this does not happen?

Well, because I am constantly alert trying to see everything, I am obsessed with realizing what is happening around me.

At the same time, I try to pretend that I don’t see, that I don’t notice, that I don’t know, that I’m a fool, etc.

I want to prevent people from realizing that I am aware of everything.

“I see what is happening, I realize everything, but I am going to hide it so that others do not notice it.”

The dark circles appear due to an excess pigmentation.

That is, there is a relationship with the blood vessels and, therefore, the emotional conflict that affects me has to do with someone in my family.

Do I want to hide reality for fear of what I might see?

Are there things in my family that you can’t talk about?

I feel like I can’t handle the weight I’m carrying,

I’m exhausted and I don’t see a way out. I would like to cry, but I hold back the tears.

It is important to review the family tree and find out if I have an affinity with an ancestor who suffered attacks, infidelity, incest, assaults, insecurities, deception, etc.,

That is, he lived through situations in which he had to be very alert to everything that was happening around him.

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