Muscular Dystrophy, emotional and spiritual meaning

Muscular dystrophy is a group of symptoms that cause weakening of striated muscles and loss of muscle mass.

What is it produced for?

So that we remain still and do not make movements.

Our unconscious immobilizes us, because if we make any movement it can be worse than remaining immobile, this is what an animal usually does before a predator.

It can also be the biological solution for not fighting or hitting someone.

Perhaps because there has been a fight and I have not been able to defend myself.

Or, unconsciously, I suppress my desire to “hit” because I am afraid or because the person I would like to hit is an authority, father, boss, etc.

Or it may be someone for whom I have great affection or respect and, therefore, I suppress my aggressiveness.

During theSense Project:

Were you scared when you found out you were pregnant?

Was it an expected pregnancy?

During pregnancy, did you make any movement that could be very dangerous?

Were you afraid that your partner would leave the house?

The symptom in your son helps you to survive, it distracts you from your own conflict, because you need to deal with it and, at the same time, it indirectly forces the father not to move, to be by his son’s side and thus also lowers his stress to father

With dystrophy, the child prevents his father from leaving and responds to the mother’s need.

We must take into account the muscle or group of muscles affected:

If the atrophy occurs in the arms, it has several meanings:

First, not to hit. It can also be to not perform a certain task or job.

Likewise, it can be to avoid hugging someone, either because I don’t want to or, perhaps, because morally I shouldn’t.

When the atrophy affects the legs, it is the solution that my subconscious gives me so that I do not go in a direction or to a place that I really do not want to go.

It also prevents me from moving or making a movement that could be dangerous for me.

Transgenerational: We will have to look in the tree if there has been a person run over at a certain age and I, as I have an affinity with them, manifest the symptoms at the same age that happened to my ancestor.

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