PLANTAR FASCIITIS, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is the acute inflammation of the fascia of the foot.

It produces pain in the sole of the foot or the heel.

The meaning of suffering from fasciitis is to protect the sole of the foot from contact with the ground (Mother Earth) considered harmful.

The sole of the foot represents the mother, but on a symbolic level it is the house where the mother is, the family home.

It is necessary to take into account when the pain began and at what moment it manifests itself to find out which of the following causes can cause it.

You can express to me that I feel anger and rage that I do not express in relation to my mother or the mothering role.

“I have no right to express it”

He also talks to me about the helplessness I feel in the face of my separation from my mother.

Where do I not want to go?

The sense of the feet is to walk and to go from one place to another.

Where do I want to be?

Pain can tell me that I’m not happy where I am and I have to move.

In the same way, it draws my attention to “where I am stepping”.

I walk on a slippery surface (real or symbolic), and I am afraid of slipping and falling.

I live permanently in fear that something will fall, my company, my marriage, my plans, etc.

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