Curvatures of the Stomach, emotional and spiritual meaning

Greater curvature of the stomach: The biological meaning of the symptoms in this area is to increase the production of gastric juices to undo and digest the toxic morsel that I have swallowed.

Surely I am experiencing strong discrepancies in the family environment for matters related to livelihood.

In the same way, this part of the stomach can be affected when we suffer a conflict of lack together with another conflict of indigestion.

For example, when we do not obtain our share in an inheritance, pension, investment, etc.

“I can’t get what I want, I can’t catch that bite that I want and I end up catching things that I don’t want”,

“I don’t have what I want; I have what I don’t want”

Likewise, it can indicate an indigestible situation regarding a person or situation.

I’ve caught the morsel, I’ve swallowed it, but I can’t digest it.

“I have received a kick in the stomach, I have eaten something indigestible”,

“I could not swallow what happened in my family”, “I no longer drink what is happening, what I live”, “I no longer swallow my family, my partner, job, son, etc.”, “I have that person crossed in my stomach”

Lesser curvature: problems in this part of the stomach are often related to conflicts of annoyance in the territory.

I find it very difficult to accept or digest a person “whom it is impossible to avoid” or an event that is not to my liking and that goes against my way of life.

There is anger, hatred, differences, with someone with whom I have to live daily, that I have to “swallow” by force.

It can be my mother, my mother-in-law, a coworker or someone dominant who broke into my territory and did not I swallow having to put up with it.

“Someone wants to enter or occupy my territory and I don’t swallow it”

“My neighbor wants to cross the limits of my territory and I do not swallow or accept this situation”

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  1. Rudi Soares

    Dear Romero,

    Thank you so much for your work and for publishing your book (Knowing Ourselves). I have been using it for the last year. I has been very helpful!

    I was looking for a place to ask you a question, I was not sure where to write you, therefore I try it here.

    Do you know the emotional and spiritual significance of the white spots on your nails (leukonychia)?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Joman Romero

      Hello Rudi, thank you for your kind words. As for leukonychia, I don’t have much experience. I deduce that it is a case similar to vitiligo, it is a way of washing, cleaning memories of individual aggression or of the family clan. You can search in this direction. Regards, Joman.

      1. Rudi

        Thank you! I read about vitiligo and indeed makes sense!