FATTY LIVER disease, emotional and spiritual meaning

The biological sense of the accumulation of fat in the cells of the liver is to protect it from something harmful.

If I have fatty liver I am experiencing a situation of deficiency, either economically or affectively.

On the economic level I have the need to “stay afloat”, to get out of a situation that causes me resentment, related to money.

Probably I have lost or lack money and, unconsciously, I am afraid in the future that I will not have food and die of starvation.

Likewise, it can indicate that I am worried about someone close to me who needs money and I cannot provide it to them, it is impossible for me to help them.

In the affective field I live in a family “enduring” criticism, offenses, aggressive behavior; in which I am the economic breadwinner and I have the feeling that they are taking advantage of me, literally, I feel that they are “eating my liver”.

They have fed me up and, therefore, I must biologically make my liver bigger to be able to withstand those difficult and daily situations that I have to live.

In the same way, if I feel the emotion of “they are killing me, poisoning me, intoxicating me”, I will cause my liver to generate more fat to protect me.

This concern can be real or symbolic. Perhaps I am taking too much medication or I am afraid of drowning in alcohol, of being an alcoholic or of someone in my family being one.

Likewise, I may have the suspicion that someone wants to poison me.

It can also refer to feeling symbolically “intoxicated” by someone very close.

“This person next to me is killing me, it intoxicates me.”

Another emotional conflict that can affect the liver is the spiritual one.

When I have doubts about my faith and I feel empty, without “food” (spiritual).

I have to become aware that it is very important for me to speak up and express my feelings of anger at the behaviors or attitudes of others.

I also have to stop worrying about everything that happens around me and take responsibility for my life, allowing everyone to act according to their criteria.

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Joman Romero

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