How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

Every human being comes into this life with a divine purpose. Each soul has a specific path to serve that purpose.

Joman Romero.

Human beings come into this life with a divine, clear and precise purpose that was defined by our soul in the soul and spiritual world before incarnating.

This purpose is part of the learning, evolution and growth process of our soul and constitutes the essence and meaning of our life in the physical body.

In our unconscious are the memories of the experiences lived in our previous lives that were not integrated.

Once we decide to return, these beliefs will be manifested through different experiences that can occur through programs inherited from our ancestors, before or during pregnancy, in childbirth or in the first years of life and will create our personality or ego.

For its evolution, the soul chooses the most suitable life and body to experience and develop its karmas.

The body (ego) can be considered to be the crystallization of the basic problems that a person has chosen to embody and solve.

The task crystallizes in the body so that the individual can see it and it is their responsibility to discover, know and transcend it.

As we can see, the body is the expression of the soul and it needs it to carry out its mission.

Our body is a great source of information that also helps us to be aware of the state of our soul.

Extracted from my new book: The task of the Soul. If you are interested, you can purchase it at the following link.

Joman Romero

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