Fear is necessary to survive, it is like a gift from nature to human beings so that they can protect themselves.

All human beings are afraid.

Fear is within everyone and appears in consciousness in the form of anxiety, insecurity, apprehension, nervousness, etc.

Almost all of us resist fear, we reject it and we try to eliminate it from our lives.

Out of fear we cling to work, money, security, health, people and even life itself.

In this way we fall into dependence on what we have achieved.

On the one hand, we can feel a little relieved, for having hidden the fear that a specific situation caused us, but we will never be able to escape fear through external objectives.

And, furthermore, the fear that has been inhibited will appear in another part of our life.

And we will have to once again put all our efforts into satisfying our new need, falling into a vicious circle from which we will not be able to get out.

The only way to free ourselves from the effects of fear is to observe it, feel it, accept it and integrate it.

Not reacting is the necessary complement to acceptance.

When fear is integrated, that is, when it is accepted and experienced, people act judiciously, prudently and firmly.

When it is suppressed, that is, when we try to escape from fear, when we resist and try to eliminate it from our lives, fear does not disappear but rather hides and accumulates in the unconscious.

It then becomes part of our personality and constantly influences us, affecting both ourselves and others.

It is as if we were forced to act guided by a hidden force, by unconscious neurotic impulses, which we cannot oppose and which lead us to experience unexpected and uncontrolled events.

Joman Romero

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