Patella (kneecap) disorders, emotional meaning

The patella sits in front of the knee joint and protects it from damage.

Thanks to the kneecap it is possible to remain upright, jump, run, jog and walk, among other movements.

It acts as a support point.

It is the bone of the future; it indicates a devaluation regarding the future, projects, professional, affective direction, etc.

If my kneecap is affected, it indicates that I am experiencing a conflict of oppression, in some way, I feel suffocated by the family.

I refuse to be someone else’s point of support, I no longer want to be the one to articulate this situation.

It hurts me to have to give in to others, to have to accept the things that others ask of me.

“I feel obliged by my family…”, “My family forces me to…”,

“I was wrong to choose such a person… and now I force myself to stay with her)”

The kneecap is linked to the future, with not being able or not having the right to organize the future.

It refers to the projects regarding the professional or the affective.

If I feel pain or my kneecap fractures, I can feel disappointment and irritation in relation to my dreams or projects that seem to me to be out of reach or unrealizable.

“I feel anger for not being able to organize my future”, “I live waiting for my life to change”

Sometimes, we must learn to give in, as long as it does not negatively affect us or be harmful to another person or to ourselves. Dialogue feeds interpersonal relationships.

I must take time for myself, to activate initiatives and be able to fulfill my most desired dreams.

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