JAW problems, emotional and spiritual meaning

Jaw problems tell me that I have difficulty expressing myself.

“There are things that I cannot express because they are too strong”, “I feel weak because I have not been able to express myself as I would have liked; I should have spoken when I remained silent”,

“I reproach myself for not having used the right expression to protect myself (left side), to express my feelings (right side)”; “I feel devalued because they don’t listen to me when I speak.”

I have the feeling that they laugh at me and that they don’t take me into account.

In the same way, it may also be that I feel subjugated by authority and believe that I am not capable of expressing myself.

Likewise, pain can be the consequence of having had to stand up for someone in the form of words or having been forced to defend or transmit an order, a message to a person.

Since my jaws help me bite and chew, a problem in them tells me that I do not allow myself to “mouthful” life or someone well or, perhaps, take a good bite of what I want.

Somehow, unconsciously, I don’t give myself permission to express my aggressiveness.

Likewise, it tells me about my inability to “catch the mouthful,” or not having the ability to “retain it,” once I have caught it.

“I wanted to eat something (real or symbolic) and I couldn’t do it.”

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