Emotional causes of MASTITIS

This pathology affects the supporting tissues of the glands that produce breast milk for the baby.

In general, they express a problem related to “the lack of support in the nest”.

“I don’t feel supported by my partner, mother, etc.”

The woman feels alone to take care of all the responsibilities of the family nest, the children, the house, the housework, etc.

While the couple evades, resists or participates very little in the daily activities of the home.

“I do everything by myself, I am a mother, father, I take care of the maintenance of the house, the garden, etc.

I need my partner to support me, protect me and give me security”

When there is pain and inflammation (mastitis), it unconsciously expresses the woman’s revenge on her partner, for lack of help in the nest.

“As I am angry with you because you do not help me, now I deprive you of the pleasure of touching my chest”

If the mastitis occurs during lactation, it expresses repressed anger related to the way the woman is living her maternal role, possibly because she wants to be perfect.

The pain caused by the inflammation will cause the mother to stop nursing the baby without her feeling any guilt.

It may also be that the woman feels too maternally protected, either by her spouse, or by someone close to her.

Likewise, these pains can also show that the woman is behaving excessively harshly with herself.

In the same way, inflammation of the gland can occur if the woman experiences with frustration the fact of not having become pregnant.

Or having difficulties in having children, which she experiences as a dishonor in the “nest” (home).

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