Emotional and spiritual causes of BRONCHITIS

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the mucosa of the bronchi.

This is the repair phase after an attack conflict in the territory.

If I have bronchitis, it warns me that I have lived or am living in a conflictive, suffocating family environment, with fights and shouting.

There have been people or situations with which I have not been comfortable.

Quite the opposite, in some way I have felt attacked, attacked.

I have not digested it internally, I have not liked it, it has caused me a lot of damage, but I have retained my pain and I have not expressed it verbally and I have not been able to defend myself.

As a consequence, I have lost my zest for life and have fallen into an internal state of fatigue and despondency.

“They take away my air, my living space is threatened and I can hardly breathe,”

“I feel invaded,” “There are so many fights in the atmosphere that it is difficult for me to breathe.”

Likewise, bronchitis can occur if I feel a threat of loss or have lost an emotional territory.

Example: a girl suffers from bronchitis on her right side after her grandmother resumed an emotional relationship with another granddaughter, with whom she had not had any contact for a long time.

She felt like her grandmother would no longer love her the same as before.

People affected by bronchitis usually have a competitive attitude in life; they can be very susceptible and irritable.

Perhaps that is why, through coughing, which is an aggressive expression, he expels to the outside everything that he does not like or that is uncomfortable.

Any setback or difficulty can translate into bronchitis.

If after analyzing and examining our life we do not find identification with any of the causes mentioned, it is necessary to review our family tree to determine which of our doubles experienced these types of conflicts and we have inherited them.

In the same way, it is necessary to search in the Sense Project.

If one of my parents or both, could have experienced conflicts of fear and threats in the territory and have programmed us to suffer problems in the bronchi.

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Joman Romero

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