COLD OR CATARRH, emotional and spiritual meaning


The cold expresses the difficulties I have in relating to certain people, which is why it manifests itself more frequently during times when I have to live more closely with people.

That is, in periods where I spend more time at home and have to live with family members with whom I do not feel truly comfortable.

On a biological level, a cold appears when the conflict that activated it has been resolved (consciously or unconsciously) and the body requires time and space of silence and rest to recover.

The cold is related to situations or people that have caused me feelings of anger, disappointment, sadness, coldness and rage and I have not consciously faced it or expressed it.

These are family or professional conflicts, brief, violent and repetitive, most of the time expressed in the form of disputes.

In general, linked to the territory (home, work, team, etc.).

This is visible in the main symptoms that my body releases:

Sore throat: I have been angry and I have not expressed it, I have not dared.

“There is something or someone I don’t want to swallow.”

Ear pain: What I hear bothers me or I don’t want to listen to something or someone.

Mucus or nasal congestion: Conflict of suspicion, something smells bad; there are threats, deception, lies in the air.

“There is a situation that I don’t want to smell, that bothers me”

“It smells bad around here, I have a feeling that something is going to happen”

Feeling cold or feverish: Someone treats me coldly or I have a cold relationship with someone.

I have felt a lack of warmth, hugs, kind words or support. “It left me cold”

Headache: I keep thinking about an issue and I don’t know how to solve it.

Coughing or sneezing: It’s a way to get someone away from me.

Who do I want to “bark” at and don’t dare?

There are popular beliefs that, if I “identify” with them, can cause cold symptoms.

For example: Believing that after having a “cooling” or being in a “airstream” I am going to catch a cold.

I can also catch a cold if I think someone else might spread it.

Or believe in the “three colds of each winter”, etc.

This manifests itself only in those people who believe it.

The more widespread a belief is, the greater its influence on society.

A cold can also manifest itself when I have excessive activity on the mental level and I feel confused, worried, without knowing where to start.

I am fed up, tired, “up to my nose” with something, a situation, myself, others, etc.

The catarrh is the ideal reason, which I unconsciously provoke, to escape from a situation (conflict) that overwhelms me, but that I am not willing to recognize and express.

However, if my nose is blocked, if my eyes water, or I can’t speak because my throat hurts or I cough and sneeze frequently;

So if I achieve my goal: “Don’t come near me, I have a cold.”

All these symptoms are a very clear justification that allows me to distance myself from the situation that bothers me, without conflicts and, furthermore, with the benevolence and understanding of everyone.

The catarrh, in some way, forces me to focus on myself, to rest, to sleep more and better, to see certain aspects more clearly.

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