Emotional causes of UPPER BACK PAIN

Symbolically, the middle part of the back is where the ego resides, the physical expression of my own power, of my personality.

It also reflects the feeling of individual responsibility and the one we maintain with our environment.

Normally, pain in this part of the body reflects that the person carries a great emotional weight on their shoulders.

It affects people who feel that they did not receive care and support in their childhood.

That is to say, no one “took care of them” and now they project this trauma onto their lives and they are the ones who “carry” the responsibility of others.

In reality, they think and feel that it is difficult to take care of them.

Any problem in the dorsal vertebrae will indicate a lack of value as a breadwinner.

Nobody values me as the breadwinner of the family. “I don’t feel capable and no one recognizes my effort”

I feel like if I don’t do things no one else will and the family will fall apart.

“No one helps me with this heavy burden.”


Who or what do I represent in my world, in what surrounds me?

Who am I in my environment?

Do I have the feeling of being the pillar of my family?

I need support?

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Joman Romero

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