Emotional conflicts that cause BONE cancer

Cancer is always the consequence of a serious, shocking, dramatic, long-lasting situation that is related to an aspect of vital importance to me.

If I have bone cancer, it tells me that I have experienced a very deep conflict of devaluation, helplessness, lack of confidence and lack of respect for myself.

The structure on which my life, my principles, my identity is based may have collapsed or been called into question.

As a consequence, I have the impression that I am worthless, that I have no value.

“I am completely null”, “I feel like garbage”.

A sudden loss of self-worth can be initiated by an unfair observation, by being demoted, by feeling “weak to the bone,” or by having failed in the family aspect, at work, in sports, etc.

During this conflict of devaluation, the bones experienced an alteration and once the stressful emotional situation was resolved, the brain began to restore them, helped by the corresponding germs.

Therefore, we can say that bone cancer manifests itself once I have overcome the emotional conflict that generated it and that is when cell multiplication (tumor), great pain, fever, edema, etc.

From a biological point of view, “I am healing the bone” and the only thing I have to do is look for medications that help me control the pain or inflammation to give the brain time to regenerate the tissues and organs damaged by the emotional stress I suffered.

The biological sense is to make a stronger tissue, in order to be able to better cope with that function that was not performed correctly when I experienced stress for the first time.

If the cancer is in the bone marrow, it is because the devaluation that I have experienced is related to a member of my family, especially the collaterals.

If it manifests itself in the bone it is because I am the one who devalues myself.

It is advisable to look at the family tree and in the Sense Project if there have been stories of devaluation and, because of this, I am vulnerable to experiences of that type.

In general, bone problems tell me about my fear of not having the support of my family, their words of encouragement, their trust, their presence in my life or, perhaps, they express my concern about not being able to support and help well the others.

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Joman Romero

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