PELVIC pain, emotional and spiritual meaning


It is a cavity of the skeleton located in the lower part of the trunk, formed by the coxal, sacrum and coccyx bones.

The pelvis is the bony structure that is closely linked to the uterus.

Therefore, the problems of the pelvis will be interconnected with those of this organ.

The pelvis is related to reproduction and sexuality.

60% of cases there is a belief that “I am not good at sex”.

The 20% of the cases, it can refer to the fact that “I cannot gestate, accept, receive, care for, and protect a newborn”.

In the remaining 20% ​​it may be because “my sex life is outside the norm” and I feel undervalued in this regard.

Either because I consider myself an “older woman for those things” or if I already feel “unattractive to my husband or partner”

It may also be that my partner is younger and I feel somewhat old-fashioned in the sexual plane.

When there is metastasis, the conflict usually goes in the sense of: “I have cancer and my husband still wants to make love and I don’t want to, for me it is doing something outside the norm”

Another reason why we can present a problem in the pelvis is the fact that we consider “sexual intercourse” as a skill competition.

I always practice sexual relations thinking if I will reach orgasm, if the pleasure that I give to my partner will be total, if he will feel satisfied, if he likes me, if I am going to make him happy, etc.

I do not feel that my form, style, etc., of having relationships is good. 

Do I touch him there? Do I move like that?

Likewise, problems in the pelvis can be related to a difficulty in conceiving children or grandchildren, as a consequence of dramas that occurred in the family in relation to the conception of children.

Such as abortions, malformations, sterility, infertility, difficult births, contractions ineffective, emergency cesarean sections, fetal death in uterus or at birth, etc.

But, symbolically, it is also related to giving birth to or undertaking a new project in me, especially with regard to new attitudes or new behaviors.

In the same way, it can refer to a devaluation for not having performed the role of mother well, for having had difficult births,

“I would have liked her to open up a bit more” or, for not having been able to welcome a child satisfactorily.

On a symbolic level, the problems in the pelvis show me that I have difficulties to be born into a new life, in terms of the decisions that I must make in the face of new directions or choices.

What direction should I take regarding…?

On the other hand, the problems in this part can tell me to evaluate the importance of my fundamental needs such as housing, food, sexuality, etc., so that my life is based on solid and healthy foundations.

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