Emotional causes of GENITAL HERPES

The main characteristic of this symptom is that it can only be seen by the most intimate people.

Although it is thought that herpes spreads easily, especially when there is intimate contact with an infected person, it can never be considered a “contagion” because it is a repair phase of a conflict; if there is no active conflict previously, there will be no contagion.

Problems or difficulties in the genital organs are related to fear, shame, or regrets in relation to sexuality.

Genital herpes is the consequence of having experienced or being experiencing a conflict of sexual guilt with remorse and self-punishment based, above all, on cultural beliefs and values.

Surely I have received a puritanical and repressive education in childhood and, therefore, I generate a rejection of everything related to the genital organs.

“I cheated on my wife, although I still love her”

“I kissed a friend and I don’t know how to tell my boyfriend.”

Very often, genital herpes reveals a conflict of frustration due to a lack of sexual contact or a sexual desire that is impossible for me to fulfill because it feels dirty or because it makes me feel guilty.

It is important, to face and transcend this symptom, that I stop judging myself and open myself to others without prior judgments and thus I will be able to regain trust in intimate relationships.

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Joman Romero

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