Emotional and spiritual causes of MENORRHAGIA

The menorrhagia is considered when menstrual bleeding is abnormally heavy or prolonged.

Menorrhagia indicates that the woman lives in a situation of blockade and that she suffers in silence, in isolation.

She expresses a deep sense of guilt and self-punishment.

The biological sense is that blood (represents the family) must be removed from the affected area.

All bleeding implies the existence of conflicts in the family environment; feeling isolated or different from the family.

There is an unconscious need to eliminate something, in relation to motherhood or family.

“I want someone in the family to leave or I want to leave because I don’t feel part of it”

With the hemorrhage, blood is lost and also the joy and love of the life.

The woman who suffers from menorrhagia is influenced by her beliefs, both in her role as a woman and as a mother, which limit and devalue her, which causes her great insecurity.

They are linked to the non-acceptance of having children or to the loss of joy due to the fact of not wanting to procreate.

Either because she is sterile or because she uses a contraceptive method to avoid getting pregnant.

The woman with menorrhagia must be aware that her role as a woman and as a mother has been conditioned by negative, limiting and frustrating beliefs.

Taking responsibility for transcending those beliefs will allow you to free yourself.

And start a new life, based on respect and love for both her femininity and her body.

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Joman Romero

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