ARRHYTHMIA, emotional and spiritual meaning

It is an alteration of the normal rhythm of the heartbeat.
It is called bradycardia when the rhythm slows down and tachycardia when it accelerates.
People with arrhythmias tend to become emotionally unbalanced quite often, they can go, in a short time, from state of euphoria to another of depression or from period of happiness to another of sadness.
It zigzags from one pole to another of emotions constantly.
The biological meaning of arrhythmia is to adapt the rhythm of the heartbeat to the needs of de moment.
The arrhythmia tells me that sertan changes have occurred that break or alter the rhythm of my life and may be related to home, work, partner, sex, family distribution, etc.
If I have arrhythmia, it warns me that I am experiencing a situation in which I feel “pressured” by orders that I receive from the authority that force me to break or alter my “rhythm” and that I execute against my will. 
These are indirect or covert orders as blackmail and I feel guilty if I do not obey, although internally I reject them.
“I feel upset because I have to do something that I don’t want to do, at a time that I don’t want to do, because someone superior to me asks me to do it” 

These are situations that break my routine, that change my rhythm of life.

“Son, when you leave work come pick me up because I have had to go out to do some things”, “My life is not taking the pace that I want”, “At this rate I’m not going anywhere” What or who has changed the rhythm?
Tachycardia: if I have tachycardia it tells me that I am not getting enough love and that makes me feel insecure.
Or, perhaps, I am having an experience that makes me think that in the future I will not receive enough love.
“My children don’t call me often”, “Nobody hugs me”,
“Nobody loves me”, “They don’t love me anymore”,
“They don’t love me like they used to”
Likewise, it can also tell me that I need to do more and faster at work, school, family, etc., so that my mother or father love me and thus have the right to live.

When it occurs in women with an active sexual life, it warns her that she does not have too much sex, that she does not make enough love.

“I need a good sexual rhythm now!
Extrasystoles: the meaning is to quickly expel something harmful that has entered the heart and that can damage it.
“I feel powerless to kick someone out of my house”, “I want to kick something or someone out of my house (or my thoughts) now!”, “My love is elsewhere”
Bradycardia: is when the heart rate goes too slow (below 60 beats per minute).
Normally, he tells me that I am experiencing a conflict related to my father.
He can tell me about the lack or total absence of my father in my house and, as a consequence, I do not feel guided in life. I have always been waiting for my father to guide me with love and to set limits for me.
If my father never tells me what I have done wrong or good, if he does not show me the way, I feel without a guide. I have to dose love because my father was not or is not present at my house.

The slowing down of the rhythm in general and within the heart in particular (house, home), is so as not to attract too much attention and go unnoticed.

If I am manifesting bradycardia, it is important to consult my family tree because, unconsciously, an ancestor (ghost) with whom I have a great affinity as universal heir, guardian, etc. may be accompanying me.
Ventricular Bradycardia: This symptom informs me that I am dosing or decreasing the expression of love due to having to keep certain family secrets within the house.
Fluttering: This heart rhythm disorder is caused by rapid contractions of the atria and is similar to tachycardia. It warns me that I am experiencing a conflict related to abnormal rhythms or family disorders that make me not feel safe in my own home. I want to find a solution to my problem but, I go round and round in my head, and I can’t figure out how to get out of it.

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