CHRONIC DISEASE, emotional and spiritual meaning


Do chronic diseases really exist? Or maybe it is an unresolved and repetitive emotion.
We are all vulnerable to certain precise emotions, perhaps I am vulnerable to abandonment, another may be to economic deprivation, there are people who have difficulties expressing themselves, others may be vulnerable to changes in direction, to make decisions, others may be afraid to betrayal, humiliation, etc.

Although we are always exposed to catching a cold, from time to time, we are all sensitive or more likely to become more seriously ill to particular and individual emotional impacts.

For example, there are people who constantly have a cough or bronchial problems.
The recurrences are frequent, they recover and after a time (short or long) they return to suffer the same symptom, over and over again.
This fact is very important and significant because it shows us that it is not always new situations that make us sick.
But many times, it is the same conflict that is repeated over time because we have not yet dealt with the emotional cause that causes it.
Of course, on each occasion, we have gone to the doctor, he gives us the same diagnosis, we take the medicines, our rest, and we pay attention to his recommendations.
After a few days, the cough and mucus can be reduced or even disappear from our body for a while but, when we least expect it, the cough makes its appearance again.
The doctor will probably tell us that we have a chronic cough.

And, from the perspective of medical science, a disease classified as chronic leaves us, at a subconscious level, with the judgment and the conviction that “this is hopeless.”

Why fight if this is forever?
And we are left with that diagnosis that a person with authority has given us and we do not even question it.
In addition, we neither reveal ourselves nor do we think of looking for alternatives, we resign ourselves…
This is what I got!
And even feeling victims, many people ask themselves: What have I done to deserve this?
Well, from the paradigm of the new medicine, surely something you have done, or you have not done, or you do not do.
In traditional medicines, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, etc., which have thousands of years of experience and which understand the human being as a Unit, (body-mind-soul), there is no concept of incurable disease.

Diseases are distinguished into easy or difficult to heal, depending on whether their causes are external or internal.

Of course, those that are caused by external causes: bumps, fractures, nutritional deficiencies, etc., are easier to cure because by discovering, treating and eliminating the causes that have caused it, the body easily regains balance.
However, it is necessary to discover the emotional conflict that was behind these symptoms and integrate it to avoid further relapses.
The most difficult to heal are those of internal origin, since, for healing to take place, it is necessary to become aware, on the part of the patient, of their mental and emotional aspects.
Of your deepest desires and of the purpose of your life, so that the conditions that have originated it can be changed… and that is a task that involves the whole Being.
We could say that a recurrent disease occurs because we have not taken responsibility to become aware and discover what attitude of mine leads me to repeat the same symptom, what difficulty I have in relating to others that constantly causes me to cough and respiratory disorders.

In the case of cough, it would be a violent reaction of irritation and rejection towards a person or a situation that has made us uncomfortable, that has bothered us, but that we have not said anything, it has stayed inside us, we have not expressed it.

And with regard to the bronchi, it means that we have been able to see “our territory threatened”, home, work, partner, etc. Or, perhaps, we have felt “threatened within our territory”.
What can we do when faced with a symptom that constantly recurs?
The first thing is to take responsibility for my state.
Second, we must not empower science to diagnose it as a chronic, incurable disease.
Third, I have to make some change in my mind, in my emotions and this is what will restore my body to health.
In the case at hand, I need to learn to express myself freely and to live my life as I please, without being influenced by others and finding my own territory without feeling guilty.
When talking about chronic diseases we will take into account the importance of the Transgenerational, the Sense Project and the Memorized Biological Cycles.

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