COLD SORES, emotional and spiritual meaning

Commonly called fire, fever or cold sore.
It is a condition caused by a virus. 
Blisters form on the lips accompanied by pain that causes tension, pulling, tingling or stinging.

Conflict of anger and fear of expressing it: I feel upset and disgusted by having lost contact or lack of contact with someone and, at the same time, I feel very afraid to express it.

Do we have to say something that burns us? 
Did we say something that burned us? I may be mad at myself for saying offensive words.
He may have made a harsh judgment against a person of the opposite sex and generalized it to the whole group (For example: men are all…”).
Conflict of separation of a kiss: the kiss can be interpreted in a real or symbolic way, related to a kind, affectionate words that do not allow us to pronounce (as if they did not let us kiss).

Cold sores can express that the person does not have the kissing quota covered:

Who do we want to kiss us? “I’m waiting for a kiss, but it never comes”,
“We don’t have our dose of kisses”,
“I’m missing my dose of hugs”,
“I don’t have my dose of sex”,
“I would have liked to kiss him, but it is no longer possible”
In the same way, herpes can be the perfect excuse not to kiss others or a specific person, with whom we are angry, because it has made us feel humiliated.
Who do I not want to kiss?

I want to push someone away so as not to let myself be kissed; either because I judge him or because I want to punish him.

Who do I refuse to be kissed by?
I am attracted to something but, at the same time, it scares me.
What contradiction causes me suffering?
What difficult situation do I not dare to attack, even though I intend to?
Separation conflict + dirt:
Herpes can also manifest when I think someone is disgusted.
The repulsive little bladders represent the disgust that I have not been able to express.
“I feel dirty or stained because I have not been kissed”, “So much sweetness fills me up”
What makes me sick? 
What or who disgusts me?

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  1. Carolina Del Mar

    Thank you Homan as I am diving deep into the shadows of my life. Your writing halo bring clarity and healing

  2. Unknown

    I dunno, i got herpes when my mom kissed a cut in my hand as a toddler. They have bothered me ever since.

  3. colleen clark

    excellent information thank you for your wisdom.x c

  4. Unknown

    Not everyone who is exposed to disease contracts it. The idea behind metaphysical meaning behind dis-ease, is that we allow in what we need the lessons learned from. It could either be lesson of our life; like why/what we opted to come into this life and learn, or something along the way that led us astray and our mental space lowers our immune system to accept an illness that if we contract we have the opportunity to learn the lessons from. This is not mean to be outwardly judgmental of others, but is more of a self exploration of why the body accepted the illness and what lessons we could learn from it. When we do, the dis-ease often leaves.