ALLERGIES, emotional and spiritual meaning:

Allergy -which comes from the Greek allos (strange, different) and ergos (reaction, activity) is a process by which an individual recognizes as foreign a particle or substance called an allergen (harmless for most people).
That, Instead, it provokes a response from your immune system, leading to a series of characteristic clinical manifestations such as runny noses, sneezing, itching, rashes, edema (swelling), and asthma.
The allergy appears by an initial psycho-emotional shock, a destabilizing event that exceeds the tolerance threshold of the individual.
What is a psycho-emotional shock?

-It is an unpleasant daily life event that comes unexpectedly, that takes us by surprise and destabilizes us.

-Lived in an isolated way, in solitude and without sharing it with other people. What we live in isolation is what we feel. It is not what we live outside, but what we feel inside, what we experience alone, resentment.
-Without a satisfactory solution for us, at that time, although perhaps for other people it does.
-Of real dramatic intensity, or felt as such. The unconscious can experience it in a symbolic way, but it does not know how to distinguish between the real and the symbolic.
There are two stages in the genesis of an allergy:
The first stage is the “silent” phase, called sensitization or identification of the aggressor: the allergen.
It’s allergy programming.
The immune system identifies a foreign body, is in charge of analyzing it and makes specific and silent antibodies, memorizing the characteristics of the intruder.

It relates to a very precise dramatic event that occurred at the very moment we came into contact with the allergen.

There is a direct relationship between an emotional, psycho-shock and an external element where we project the psycho-shock.
The body memorizes the substance or element that was present at the time of the drama, the immune system qualifies it as something dangerous because it is associated with a painful emotion and tries to eliminate it when it detects it in the body.
A person has been exposed to a food, medicine or element throughout his life, but from a certain moment, the moment of drama, there will be a physical rejection.
This is the first exposure, identification, where the allergen is recorded.
At From this moment on, the unconscious associates the shocking episode and the allergen to form an inseparable duo. It is the moment that the unconscious takes to oblivion because it is a very painful experience.

The allergen is a simple warning of an imminent danger, known but hidden; it is the warning of the painful, unpleasant memory of the first time.

At this stage there are no physical symptoms.
The second stage or “noisy” phase is when in a second contact with the same allergen, the antibodies, silent until now, become reactive and trigger an excessive “allergic reaction” response.
Now is when the clinical symptoms appear.
The allergic crisis is nothing more than a new confrontation with the allergen that represents the initial destabilizing drama and that remains hidden in the unconscious.
To heal the allergy we have to look to the unconscious for the destabilizing drama to identify the emotion and the hidden resentment, express it (emotional discharge) and try to find a way out for the emotional change to occur.
An example: Allergy to nuts. A wedding couple agrees with several other couples to spend the weekend in the country house of one of them.

A time when they were all gathered, having an aperitif, a strong argument ensues between the couple.

The boyfriend, after telling her that he no longer wants to continue the relationship, ends up leaving the place alone.
The girlfriend, shocked by everything that happened (psycho-shock), was eating nuts.
This destabilizing event will pass into the deepest oblivion of this young woman, because it is painful.
The next time she comes into contact with nuts, allergy symptoms will appear.
It is like a warning: every time she eats nuts, she is going to unconsciously remember the painful emotional situation.
The unconscious to protect it shifts the emotion towards the physical body (sneezing, rashes, stinging or swelling of the eyes, etc.).

In this way, dealing with the annoying allergic reaction, she forgets about the painful trauma related to the substance (nuts).

Keep in mind that most allergies are triggered by episodes that occur between the age of seven and our present time. Only a very low percentage of allergic processes lead us to look at the experiences that occurred to our mother during her pregnancy or to our ancestors.
These are those cases in which we are sensitive to certain foods, substances, etc. and we are from our birth or from the first years of life.
The behavior to adopt when faced with an allergy:

First of all we have to go looking for all possible historical details of the dramatic, emotional experience of the allergic person and find the connection between the sensitization phase and the first allergic crisis.

In the above example, the bride became sensitized to nuts when her boyfriend, after an argument, got up and left her (abandonment, separation) in front of her friends, while they were eating nuts. 
The allergic reaction to this food was triggered some time later during a celebration, in which, among other appetizers, there were nuts.
So, when faced with an allergy, we must ask ourselves:
Since when is it? Before having the first allergy outbreak, when was I contact with that allergen? Was it a month ago, two months ago, or a year ago?
What is the allergic reaction, what are the symptoms and what organ or part of our body does it affect?
What allergen is it?

Now it is necessary to situate ourselves and relive the situation in time and space, as if it were happening at the moment and try to find the emotion associated with the event and express the resentment that was stored in the unconscious at that moment.

And finally we have to find a resource, a conscious way out of the first situation so that the emotional change and the possible healing of the allergy take place.

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