Parent’s Emotions are Passed on to the Fetus During Gestation

During the last 20 to 25 years, there have been numerous studies in France, Germany, and Spain about fetus’s life and receptivity to outside influences such as the emotional states of both the mother, the father, and other relatives involved during the gestation period.

The fetus is also influenced by events, dramas, concerns, and anxieties that occur around them during life in the womb.

In BioNeuroEmotion, we call this time the Parental Projection Period, which begins at six months before conception, and can continue up to three years after the birth and principally involves the mother and the father. 

Our studies adjacent to the Parental Projection Period and focus on the fact that it is the mother who brings the most emotional information and incidental circumstances to the child during pregnancy.

This includes both simple and complex stuff.

The fetus will be “affected”, “influenced”, and “defined” by what the mother hears or sees.

But above all, by the way the mother reacts to everyday events.

The mother could leave small personality traces in the child or affect him/her completely in his/her health, physique, temperament, or self esteem.

It will all depend on the type of emotions and reactions that the mother transmits to the baby.

If the mother is strong, safe, confident, courageous, and expresses these qualities both in her words and actions, her child will be someone who possess similar qualities.

If, however, the mother is weak, insecure, fearful, or has low esteem, the child will also possess these negative qualities.

The Thoughts and Feelings of the Pregnant Woman

Most women, fortunately not all, are oblivious to these studies. 

Many women are ignorant to the big influence that their words, thoughts, reactions, and emotions have on the child. 

They believe that their child does not share any of these ideas, and therefore, feel that they are free to have any thought, emotion, or action without affecting the unborn infant. This is where they are wrong.

The mother’s behaviour and belief system affects the child mentally, and even physically. 

In the novel Elective Affinities, Goethe tells the story of a woman who, during her pregnancy of her husband’s child, couldn’t stop thinking about another man she loved.

The girl who was born had the same eyes as this man. So great is the power of thought and feeling in pregnant women! 

So why don’t women decide to work for the benefit of their child during pregnancy?

The True Nature of the Baby is Determined at the Moment of Birth

A woman waiting for a child should have affirmations such as:

During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, noble, full of love individual.

During these nine months, I have every chance to make my child a blessing for the whole world.

During these nine months, I should look at my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my actions, and provide only the purest elements to contribute to his/her molding.

During these nine months, I must act knowing that my child, hears me, feels me, and sees me.

Preparing to be Parents

The true education of the child begins before the birth with the education of the parents, who must prepare their interior beings well in advance through a better understanding of love, to attract an exceptional soul to the family. 

They must strive to conceive this child in the greatest light and purity. Once the child is conceived, the mother, aware of the power that has been given to her by nature, will work to give this soul a physical and mental body made from the finest materials. 

If thousands, millions of parents around the world decided to make this work, humanity would really be transformed in three or four generations.

This is an English translation of an article originally written in Spanish by: Elizabeth Romero Sanchez y Edgar Romero Franco 

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  1. Erin

    This article appears to be very judgemental towards mothers and could create unnecessary shame and guilt whilst offering no solutions -healing for children and adults occurs through love and connection, not more stress. Yes, more awareness and education is necessary for parents and parents to be and more support is essential for mothers. You cannot negate the soul’s wisdom to choose difficult conditions for growth. All children and souls are ‘exceptional’ -even if they had a difficult birth or gestation. Most women are doing the best that they are able to, based on their life experiences. Support the mother xox

  2. Joman Romero

    Hello,of course, most women are doing the best they can, based on their life experiences. Everything comes from unconsciousness, they should not feel guilty, it is something bilateral, that the responsibility of babies, is almost exclusive to mothers. We are not perfect, we are trying to grow spiritually at all times.
    Excuse me, if there is a grammatical error, my level of English is elementary. Thank you