CROHN´S disease, emotional and spiritual meaning


Crohn’s disease is a chronic autoimmune condition in which the individual’s immune system attacks its own intestine, causing inflammation.
Often the affected part is the ileum or the final section of the small intestine, although the disease can appear anywhere in the digestive tract.

When this symptom appears, the person is experiencing an emotional conflict in which they fear losing their identity.

Crohn’s disease is the consequence of very dirty, very low, very unpleasant and despicable situations, experienced for some time, within the family (often related to the father) or work environment.
It is usually very common in cases of constant school and / or work bullying.
It can also be presented by people who have been betrayed.
Necessarily, there is a real fear of dying, of not being able to speak, of not being able to express what is happening, because if I do it can lead to a problem of material or emotional deprivation.

If the person is young, he feels that she cannot tell anyone in her family because they might blame her.

If it is an adult, he feels that he must resist so as not losing his job or financial gain.
“I do not feel”, “I am useless”, “I despise myself”, “This has been usurped in a despicable way”
The person feels that he cannot digest the prey, the bite and also does not find the way out, for the filth.
To find the origin of this symptom, I must look for daily experiences in which I feel that: someone does something dirty to me or forces me to do something dirty and I feel powerless, I cannot refuse or I cannot defend myself, because if I spoke, I could deprive myself of something that I feel is important to my survival.

For example: My boss constantly degrades me or humiliates me in front of my colleagues, but if I protest I am afraid that he will fire me and lack money to support me.

This disease usually affects people who are much stressed, much pressured in the world of work and who must endure many orders and demands. 
As they do not value themselves, they allow themselves to be dominated, which upsets him enormously, but they do not know how to put themselves in their place for fear of displeasing others. 
They are afraid of not living up to what others expect of them.
Those people who feel rejected by others can also suffer from ileitis and reject everything and everyone as a rebellion.

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